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Block Site

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

BlockSite - Control Your Browsing Content, Boost Productivity


Sites that aren’t as important, troubling you? BlockSite extension is highly recommended to block inappropriate sites based on your defined parameters. You can block all unwanted sites quickly with this user-friendly extension. It will allow you to remove and block the sites which may harm your system and help to protect from viruses. Protect your system from all those unsafe sites with the help of BlockSite extension. Your productivity should be a priority and enhanced by enabling Block Site extension in your system. Download the extension now and stay focused on what you do on the system, don’t let any unwanted and inappropriate websites open in between. 

Why Do You Need Block Site Extension?

None of us is unaware of how distracting websites drain productivity. Whenever you start working online, you have to face several distractive popups. Sometimes, these unwanted sites are fascinating enough to take your hours, and you end up wasting hours on unrelatable content. But, now you can sideline all these interruptions and save your time with the help of Block Site extension. It will block all the time-wasting content and sites that may be harmful to your data privacy as well. This software is actually crucial to keep yourself focused on your online task. You should download the Block Site Extension from Chrome Web Browser to block inappropriate and distractive sites at work. Also, you should be careful towards your kids and pay attention to what kind of sites are taking place in their eyes. If you spot something risky and unfitting in their age, BlockSite Extension will help you. Use this free extension and prevent those young minds from getting distracted and keep them on practical tasks.

Easy And Precise Procedure To Download BlockSite

This is a free and user-friendly extension easily available in your Chrome Web Browser. It will not only help you to save your time but will keep unwanted websites away and also save you from digital threats. Don’t let unwanted popups steal your time, use the extension to focus on sites that matter. Here are the few clicks to download this incredible extension in your system:

  • Click on “block site” to redirect to the official website BlockSite.
  • Then, press “Add to Chrome” to proceed further.
  • Next, hit the “Add Extension” option quickly, and you are done.
Easy And Precise Procedure To Download Block Site

How To Effortlessly Use BlockSite Extension

BlockSite allows you to block any distracting website for any period of time. Learn to use the most helpful extension to stay focused on the preferred online task. Block all the disturbing sites with the BlockSite extension and get your work done on time. Here are the simple ways to use this amazing extension flawlessly.

Easy And Precise Procedure To Download BlockSite

Note: Kindly remember, this procedure will block the entire domain and not just a URL. Apparently, you will be able to stay focused on the essential websites instead of scrolling up and down on time-wasting sites. Take this smart step now by installing BlockSite in your system and enhancing your creativity level with no disturbance.

Unique Features That Make BlockSite Different and All Worthy

Block certain disturbing websites with this accessible and user-friendly extension. It will help you boost your productivity, and you will find yourself more focused on what matters most. Also, you will get the matchable domain removed as well. You can enjoy the best online experience and pay complete attention to the appropriate content. Moreover, all these advantages are available at no cost. Apparently, you only need to install the extension to use it for multiple reasons without paying a penny. 

This feature doesn’t allow someone else to steal your authority. Only you would have control over the extension to block or unblock any website. Use the password security of BlockSite to keep the blocking and unblocking power in your own hands.

Want to remove several hazardous websites at once? Here you go; all you need to do is paste the URLs you don’t want to see again on your device in the “Load Site,” that’s all. Get all the unreasonable websites banned effortlessly and complete the online tasks that are given to you in time.

Similar to blocking, you can unblock the websites that get blocked mistakenly. Block Site Extension lets you unblock several websites at once hassle-free. So, you have the option to rectify your deed.

You can protect the most fascinating and exciting websites from getting blocked. Create a list of specific websites that are relatable to your work and prevent them from BlockSite.


Block Site is a free extension that keeps you protected from all the harmful and time-wasting websites. You can use this extension to block any unfavorable and interruptive sites. Operating its features is too easy so that you can control certain websites according to your defined parameters.

BlockSite is applicable on Windows macOS or Chromebook devices. Moreover, you have to ensure Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge is available in the system to download the extension smoothly.

Not at all; the extension is available at no cost. You can simply download it from the chrome web store and use it to protect your system from hazardous websites.